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Plastic free cleaning brush set


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Plastic free cleaning brushes

Make it easier for you to clean your reusable glass drinking straws with these special cleaning brushes.

2 x natural fiber cleaning brushes

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Our cleaning brushes

  • 100% plastic free, environmentally friendly & sustainable
  • The cleaning brushes are designed to ensure that your reusable glass straws remain in perfect condition inside and out.
  • The natural fiber cleaning brush is perfect if you lose your first brush or need more brushes for other reasons.
  • Suitable for cleaning other areas that are difficult to access, such as coffee machines, drinking bottles, etc.
  • One suitable size for all straws of halmig.

Product information

  • Special cleaning brush - one size for all glass drinking straws
  • Length: approx. 25 cm
  • Care: It is recommended to moisten the cleaning brush with hot water and then apply a small amount of soap to the bristles. Slide the cleaning brush into the reusable straw to clean it from both sides.
  • Responsible disposal: Cut off the natural fiber bristles for composting. The stainless steel handle is recyclable.
  • The glass drinking straw is not included.


Natural fibers with stainless steel handle

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